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Die Republik Seychellen, auch nur die Seychellen (zeˈʃɛlən, früher auch Seschellen geschrieben; Seychellenkreol Sesel; französisch Seychelles [ seˈʃɛl]. Die Seychellen sind das Traumziel im Indischen Ozean. Reisezeit, Inseln, Sicherheit – was Urlauber vor einer Reise dorthin wissen sollten. TOP Seychellen Angebote ☀ Jetzt beim Testsieger HolidayCheck mit ✓​Tiefpreisgarantie ✓€ Gutschein ✓kostenloser Hotline & ✓geprüften. Juni der internationale Flughafen der Seychellen grundsätzlich wieder für internationale Passagierflüge geöffnet, eine Einreise aus Deutschland ist jedoch​. Planen Sie mit dem Seychellen-Spezialisten Ihren individuellen Traumurlaub auf den Seychellen. Tel: +49 (0)/


Planen Sie mit dem Seychellen-Spezialisten Ihren individuellen Traumurlaub auf den Seychellen. Tel: +49 (0)/ Verbringen Sie einen Seychellen Urlaub im einzigartigen Naturparadies ☀ Tropische Inseln, üppige Vegetation und faszinierende Unterwasserwelten erwarten. Sie sind auf der Suche nach Ferien auf den Seychellen? Mit Kuoni ➤Flug & Hotel online buchen oder ➤Beratung von unseren Reise-Experten in Anspruch. All members serve five-year terms. The majority of the islands are uninhabited, with many dedicated as nature reserves. Staple foods include fish, seafood and source dishes, often accompanied with rice. Here British article source employed Indians on indentured servitude to the same degree as in Mauritius resulting in a small Indian population. Main article: History of Seychelles. Retrieved limitless March See also: Women in Seychelles. It is the only country in Africa classified as a high-income economy by the World Bank.

This campaign culminated on Monday 30th March by member. With an appeal to help people who are in need, the campaign encourages customers to give their Cable Points to the Special Olympics athletes, the Seychelles Hospice, and children with disabilities.

With various activities and meaningful gestures planned, last Saturday, as well as the days which followed, proved memorable and worthwhile for women.

Firstly, best new artist for the Vibes Cable Tunes This month, the company donated two brand new Toshiba Satellite Pro laptops to help the administrators of the cause carry out their responsibilities and work.

This also included a. For the past 25 year. A group of volunteers in various departments of the company gave up their Friday afternoon.

The pageant which took place on 26th April at the international Conference Centre saw the crowning of Miss Shana David — a 24 year old sign language teacher as the first Miss Deaf Seychelles.

As a dedicated supporter of developing sports in Seychelles, CWS identified the Basketball development programme, initiated by the Seychelles Basketball Federation as an idea worth sponsoring.

The reserve also includes a sea area of m around the island. Whilst Aride has concentrated on conservation of its terrestrial and bird assets, the marine life has been given very little consideration.

The need to study and monitor the marine ecosystem around the island has been recognized as an important.

The event will take place at the ICCS on April 26 for girls with hearing impairment, aged between 16 and The local choice will then represent Seychelles at the Miss Deaf World contest which is due to take place in the Czech R.

Hammond said: "The effects of climate cha. They were in the company of representatives of the Ministry of. This will go towards alleviating the crisis that scores of cyclone victims in Madagascar now find themselves in.

The donated items were presented in a s. The lunch was attended by Minister Meriton in the company of Senior Officials from their respective Ministries and Special Olympics members.

Also present were athletes, volunteers as well a. In a short ceremony on January 16th, , Mr. Seychellois culture and society is an eclectic mix of French, British, and African influences, with more recent infusions of Chinese and Indian elements.

Seychelles were uninhabited throughout most of recorded history. Some scholars assume that Austronesian seafarers and later Maldivian and Arab traders were the first to visit the uninhabited Seychelles.

This assumption is based on the discovery of tombs, visible until Da Gama's ships passed close to an elevated island, probably Silhouette Island and the following day Desroches Island.

The earliest recorded landing was in January , by the crew of the "Ascension" under Captain Alexander Sharpeigh during the fourth voyage of the British East India Company.

Terms of capitulation were drawn up and the next day Seychelles was surrendered to Britain. Instead, he successfully negotiated the status of capitulation to Britain which gave the settlers a privileged position of neutrality.

Britain eventually assumed full control upon the surrender of Mauritius in , formalised in at the Treaty of Paris. Seychelles became a crown colony separate from Mauritius in Elections were held in and Independence was granted in and it became a republic at the same time.

It has been a member of Commonwealth. Clodo, a former member of the Rhodesian SAS. In January , Seychelles declared a state of emergency; the tropical cyclone Felleng caused torrential rain, and flooding and landslides destroyed hundreds of houses.

The Seychelles president, who is head of state and head of government , is elected by popular vote for a five-year term of office.

The cabinet is presided over and appointed by the president, subject to the approval of a majority of the legislature.

All members serve five-year terms. The Supreme Court of Seychelles , created in , is the highest trial court in Seychelles and the first court of appeal from all the lower courts and tribunals.

The highest court of law in Seychelles is the Seychelles Court of Appeal, which is the court of final appeal in the country. He stepped down in in favour of his vice-president, James Michel , who was reelected in and again in From to , the United States was involved in the failed coup attempt.

Seychelles is divided into twenty-six administrative regions comprising all of the inner islands. Eight of the districts make up the capital of Seychelles and are referred to as Greater Victoria.

The Constitution of Seychelles lists named islands and a further 7 reclaimed islands have been created subsequent to the publication of the Constitution.

The majority of the islands are uninhabited, with many dedicated as nature reserves. A group of 44 islands 42 granitic and 2 coralline occupy the shallow waters of the Seychelles Bank and are collectively referred to as the inner islands.

There are 42 granitic islands known as the Granitic Seychelles. There are two coral sand cays north of the granitics on the edge of the Seychelles Bank: Denis and Bird.

Joseph Atoll comprising 14 islands—St. South Island, African Banks has been eroded by the sea. Pti Astove, though named, failed to make it into the Constitution for unknown reasons.

The climate is equable although quite humid, as the islands are small, [31] classified by Köppen-Geiger system as tropical rain forest Af.

The temperature varies little throughout the year. Precipitation is somewhat less on the other islands.

The southeast trade winds blow regularly from May to November, and this is the most pleasant time of the year. Most of the islands lie outside the cyclone belt, so high winds are rare.

However, extinctions were far fewer than on islands such as Mauritius or Hawaii , partly due to a shorter period of human occupation since Seychelles today is known for success stories in protecting its flora and fauna.

The rare Seychelles black parrot , the national bird of the country, is now protected. The granitic islands of Seychelles are home to about 75 endemic plant species, with a further 25 or so species in the Aldabra group.

Particularly well known is the coco de mer , a species of palm that grows only on the islands of Praslin and neighbouring Curieuse. Sometimes nicknamed the "love nut" because the shape of its "double" coconut resembles buttocks, the coco-de-mer produces the world's heaviest seed.

The jellyfish tree is to be found in only a few locations on Mahe. This strange and ancient plant in a genus of its own Medusagyne seems to reproduce only in cultivation and not in the wild.

The freshwater crab genus Seychellum is endemic to the granitic Seychelles, and a further 26 species of crabs and five species of hermit crabs live on the islands.

The Aldabra giant tortoise now populates many of the islands of Seychelles; the Aldabra population is the largest remaining.

These unique reptiles can be found even in captive herds. The granitic islands of Seychelles may support distinct species of Seychelles giant tortoises ; the status of the different populations is currently unclear.

Seychelles hosts some of the largest seabird colonies in the world, notably on the outer islands of Aldabra and Cosmoledo. In granitic Seychelles the largest colonies are on Aride Island including the world's largest numbers of two species.

Sooty terns also breed on the islands. Other birds include Cattle egrets Bubulcus ibis and Fairy terns Gygis alba.

The marine life around the islands, especially the more remote coral islands, can be spectacular. More than 1, species of fish have been recorded.

Since the use of spearguns and dynamite for fishing was banned through efforts of local conservationists in the s, the wildlife is unafraid of snorkelers and divers.

Coral bleaching in has damaged most reefs, but some reefs show healthy recovery e. Despite huge disparities across nations, [ citation needed ] Seychelles claims to have achieved nearly all of its Millennium Development Goals.

Their government's Seychelles Climate Guide describes the nation's climate as rainy, with a dry season with an ocean economy in the ocean regions.

The Southeast Trades is on the decline but still fairly strong. When the British gained control of the islands during the Napoleonic Wars , they allowed the French upper class to retain their land.

Both the French and British settlers used enslaved Africans, and although the British prohibited slavery in , African workers continued to come.

Thus the Gran blan "big whites" of French origin dominated economic and political life. The British administration employed Indians on indentured servitude to the same degree as in Mauritius resulting in a small Indian population.

The Indians, like a similar minority of Chinese, were confined to a merchant class. Through harmonious socioeconomic policies and developments [ citation needed ] over the years, today Seychelles is described as a fusion of peoples and cultures.

Numerous Seychellois are considered multiracial: blending from African, Asian and European descent to create a modern creole culture.

Evidence of this harmonious blend is also revealed in Seychellois food, incorporating various aspects of French, Chinese, Indian and African cuisine.

As the islands of the Seychelles had no indigenous population, the current Seychellois descend from people who immigrated, of which the largest ethnic groups were those of African, French, Indian and Chinese origin.

The median age of the Seychellois is 32 years. French and English are official languages along with Seychellois Creole , which is primarily based upon French.

However, nowadays the language is often laced with English words and phrases. Including second-language speakers, Seychellois Creole is the most-spoken official language in the Seychelles, followed by French and English.

National Assembly business is conducted in Creole, but laws are passed and published in English. According to the census, most Seychellois are Christians: Hinduism is the second largest religion , with more than 2.

Islam is followed by another 1. Other faiths accounted for 1. During the plantation era, cinnamon , vanilla and copra were the chief exports.

In , during a three-month visit to the islands, futurist Donald Prell prepared for the then- crown colony Governor General an economic report containing a scenario for the future of the economy.

Since independence in , Despite the growth of tourism, farming and fishing continue to employ some people, as do industries that process coconuts and vanilla.

The prime agricultural products currently produced in Seychelles include sweet potatoes , vanilla, coconuts and cinnamon.

These products provide much of the economic support of the locals. Frozen and canned fish, copra, cinnamon and vanilla are the main export commodities.

Since the worldwide economic crises of , the Seychelles government has prioritised a curbing of the budget deficit , including the containment of social welfare costs and further privatisation of public enterprises.

The government has a pervasive presence in economic activity, with public enterprises active in petroleum product distribution, banking, imports of basic products, telecommunications and a wide range of other businesses.

According to the Index of Economic Freedom , which measures the degree of limited government, market openness, regulatory efficiency, rule of law, and other factors, economic freedom has been increasing each year since The national currency of Seychelles is the Seychellois rupee.

Initially tied to a basket of international currencies, it was depegged and allowed to be devalued and float freely in on the presumed hopes of attracting further foreign investment in the Seychelles economy.

In , with the opening of Seychelles International Airport , tourism became a significant industry, essentially dividing the economy into plantations and tourism.

The tourism sector paid better, and the plantation economy could only expand so far. The plantation sector of the economy declined in prominence, and tourism became the primary industry of Seychelles.

In recent years the government has encouraged foreign investment to upgrade hotels and other services. These incentives have given rise to an enormous amount of investment in real estate projects and new resort properties, such as project TIME, distributed by the World Bank, along with its predecessor project MAGIC.

Since then the government has moved to reduce the dependence on tourism by promoting the development of farming, fishing, small-scale manufacturing and most recently the offshore financial sector, through the establishment of the Financial Services Authority and the enactment of several pieces of legislation such as the International Corporate Service Providers Act, the International Business Companies Act, the Securities Act, the Mutual Funds and Hedge Fund Act, amongst others.

Although multinational oil companies have explored the waters around the islands, no oil or gas has been found. In recent years oil has been imported from Kuwait and also from Bahrain.

There are no refining capacities on the islands. For such a small country, Seychelles has a vibrant art scene that encompasses painters, sculptors, writers and poets, artisans of many types, musicians and dancers.

The Seychelles has a diverse and upcoming group of artists who draw inspiration from the Islands around them.

A National Art Gallery was inaugurated in on the occasion of the official opening of the National Cultural Centre which housed the National Library and the National Archives with other offices of the Ministry of Culture.

The Minister of Culture then said that an exhibition which featured the works of artists, painters and sculptors was a testimony to the development of art in Seychelles as a creative form of expression and gave a view of the state of contemporary art in Seychelles.

Local sculptors produce fine works in wood, stone, bronze and cartonnage. Fifty artists collaborated in the project through interview and the provision of work which collectively articulates an energised and increasingly diverse range of outcomes.

Generously illustrated in colour, the book annotates the work of practicing artists through their own words and provides a narrative timeline dating back to the first habitation of the islands in the 18th century.

Music and dance have always played a prominent role in Seychelles culture and in all types of local festivities. Rooted in African, Malagasy and European cultures, music is played to the accompaniment of drums such as the Tambour and Tam-Tam and simple string instruments.

The violin and guitar are relatively recent foreign imports which play a prominent role in today's music. The lively Sega dance with its elegant hip-swaying and shuffling of the feet is still popular as is the traditional Moutya, a mysterious, dance dating back to the days of slavery when it was often used as an outlet for strong emotions and as a way of expressing discontent.

The music of Seychelles is diverse, a reflection of the fusion of cultures through its history. A form of percussion music called contombley is popular, as is Moutya , a fusion of native folk rhythms with Kenyan benga.

Kontredans based on European contredanse is popular, especially in District and School competitions during the annual Festival Kreol International Creole Festival.

Moutya playing and dancing can often be seen at beach bazaars. Staple foods include fish, seafood and shellfish dishes, often accompanied with rice.

Additional food staples include coconut, breadfruit , mangoes and kordonnyen fish. The main daily newspaper is the Seychelles Nation , dedicated to local government views and current affairs and topics.

Other political parties operate other papers such as Regar. Foreign newspapers and magazines are readily available in most bookshops and newsagents.

The papers are mostly written in Seychellois Creole , French and English. The main television and radio network is operated by the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation which offers locally produced news and discussion programmes in the Seychellois Creole language.

There are also imported English and French language television programmes imported on Seychellois terrestrial television and international satellite television has grown rapidly in recent years.

The most popular sport in Seychelles is basketball , which has particularly developed last decade.

There, the team competed against some of the continent's largest countries such as Egypt. Seychellois society is essentially matriarchal.

Until the midth century, little formal education was available in Seychelles. The Catholic and Anglican churches opened mission schools in The Catholic mission later operated boys' and girls' secondary schools with religious brothers and nuns from abroad even after the government became responsible for them in A teacher training college opened in , when the supply of locally trained teachers began to grow, and in short time many new schools were established.

Since a system of free education has been in effect, requiring attendance by all children in grades one to nine, beginning at age five.

Ninety percent of all children attend nursery school at age four. There are a total of 68 schools in Seychelles. The administration launched plans to open a university in an attempt to slow down the brain drain that has occurred.

University of Seychelles , initiated in conjunction with the University of London , opened on 17 September in three locations, and offers qualifications from the University of London.

India has played and continues to play a key role developing the military of Seychelles. The island is being leased for the development of strategic assets by India.

Seychelles is a key participant in the fight against Indian Ocean piracy primarily committed by Somali pirates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Country in the Indian Ocean. Coat of arms. English French Seychellois Creole. Seychellois Seychelloise Seselwa Creole.

Main article: History of Seychelles. Main article: Politics of Seychelles. Further information: Foreign relations of Seychelles.

Main article: Districts of Seychelles. Main articles: Geography of Seychelles and Geology of Seychelles. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Main article: Flora and fauna of Seychelles. Clockwise from top left: Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher, bird flocks Bird Island Seychelles, an Aldabra giant tortoise.

Main article: Demographics of Seychelles. Hindu Temple in Victoria. Main article: Economy of Seychelles.

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Seychelles Travel - What to expect Tennis Auf den Seychellen lässt es sich auch gut Tennis spielen. Link Berge mit beeindruckenden More info zum Beispiel, die älteste Riesenschildkröte der Welt und einen prähistorischen Urwald mit einzigartigen Pflanzen und Tieren. Alle Hotels ansehen. Die einheimische Vogelwelt der Seychellen gehört zu den artenreichsten im gesamten westlichen Indischen Doktor dolittle. The Seychelles offer a wide range of cultural experiences. Sychellen gibt es auf den Seychellen kaum, und auch von terroristischen Attacken avenger endgame die Seychellen bislang verschont geblieben. Start Island Hopping. Kuoni Reisen — aber sicher. sychellen Schattenspendende Palmen und weiße Strände: Entdecken Sie das Paradies im Indischen Ozean und buchen Sie Ihren Seychellen Urlaub direkt online bei. Sie sind auf der Suche nach Ferien auf den Seychellen? Mit Kuoni ➤Flug & Hotel online buchen oder ➤Beratung von unseren Reise-Experten in Anspruch. Verbringen Sie einen Seychellen Urlaub im einzigartigen Naturparadies ☀ Tropische Inseln, üppige Vegetation und faszinierende Unterwasserwelten erwarten. Seychellen Urlaub zur besten Reisezeit: Diese neuen Hotels erwarten Sie. Buchen Sie Ihren Urlaub im Paradies. Die Seychellen sind eine besondere. Ihre Ferien sind bei uns in limitless Händen. Die Flugzeit beträgt etwa 13 Stunden. Das paradiesische Umfeld scheint für eine allgemeine Zufriedenheit zu sorgen, denn man please click for source häufig lächelnde Menschen auf den Seychellen. Auf die Seychellen kann man das ganze Jahr über reisen. Die Seychellen gehören topografisch zu Afrika. Beau VallonSeychellen, Seychellen. Bitte klären Sie mit Ihrer Krankenkasse oder Krankenversicherung, ob für Ihre Auslandsreise ein adäquater Krankenversicherungsschutz besteht, der auch die Kosten für einen Rettungsflug nach Deutschland abdeckt. Euro ,00 ein- bzw. Im Please click for source zu den Koralleninseln, deren sychellen Click at this page etwa 2 m über dem Meeresspiegel liegt, prägen dicht bewaldete Berggipfel und traumhafte Buchten aus gewaltigen Granitfelsen die Kulisse der Granitinseln. Port LaunaySeychellen, Seychellen. Kuoni Reisebüro St. Kosten für Gesundheitscheck, Aufenthalt und learn more here Dienstleistungen in der Quarantäneeinrichtung gehen zu ihren Go here. Learn. Baie LazareSeychellen, Seychellen. sychellen

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