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Punisher: Diverging Part 1 (TV Mini-Series ). Action | Drama | Thriller. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X. Stars: Kevin Caliber, Rachael Edlow, Tom Ivancie. Damineh Hojat, Actress: Verliebt in Berlin. Damineh Hojat is an actress, known for Verliebt in Berlin (), Tessa - Leben für die Liebe () and Brussel. For maximum IMDb, view in our app. Get notified of new trailers. Rate movies and TV shows. Track what you want to watch next. Open IMDb App. No thanks. Southland Tales Producer. (). Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Producer. (). The Quiet American Producer. (). Punisher: War Zone Producer. Marvel's The Punisher auf IMDB. Score: 8,6 des The Punisher is a TV series starring Jon Bernthal, Amber Rose Revah, and Ben Barnes. After the murder of.

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While there have been rumors about a Punisher spin-off series from Marvel TV and Netflix after his critically-acclaimed debut on Daredevil courtesy of Jon. Punisher: Diverging Part 1 (TV Mini-Series ). Action | Drama | Thriller. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X. Stars: Kevin Caliber, Rachael Edlow, Tom Ivancie. Casey Deidrick on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. The Punisher Season 2 Set Photos | Frank Castle finally wearing his Punisher vest #Marvel. DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Lots of beautiful women. Moore 1. Edit Cast Credited cast: Min-jung Ban Kandidaten einer Realityshow suchen Schutz in einem Fernsehstudio. The Protector. Click at this page by Anonymous. The Rain. Queen of the South. The Good Place.

Season 2. Promotional poster. List of The Punisher episodes. Steve Lightfoot. Castle meets a young girl at a bar who insults him.

The girl later calls a Russian gangster, requesting a meeting to sell some photos. Unknown to her, the gangster is tied to a chair and being interrogated by a man looking for the photos.

After hanging up, he kills the gangster. Castle deals with a belligerent drunk who was hitting on and insulting the bartender, Beth.

Afterward, she asks him to grab a drink at her place. The following night, Castle returns to the bar to meet up with Beth, but notices a group of people searching the place while the young girl tries to avoid them.

A fight ensues when Castle intervenes, but Beth gets shot. He carries her into a nearby truck and heads for the nearest hospital, taking the girl with him.

Castle shoots and kills more members of the group who were following them, reaches the hospital, and Beth survives.

Later, Castle and the girl move on. Meanwhile, Dinah Madani visits Billy Russo's hospital room.

Shortly after she leaves, he opens his eyes. Castle and the girl check into a motel in Larkville, Ohio and she treats his wounds.

The girl says her name is Rachel and Castle interrogates her about why people are trying to kill her. The gang that attacked them tracks them to their motel.

A gunfight ensues in which Castle, Rachel, and one remaining henchwoman survive but all get arrested by local police. Madani visits Russo, who does not remember anything more recent than his time in the Marines.

Madani has been visiting Russo almost every day and refuses to believe he has amnesia. Her mentor, Rafi, tries to convince her to stop. That night, she goes home and has a nightmare about Russo right before Castle wakes her up with a call asking for help from the Larkville County Sheriff Station.

She says no, leaving him to defend the precinct from religious zealots led by a mysterious man on his own.

Ken Kristensen. In a flashback, the mysterious man is revealed to be John Pilgrim, a pious man and a former white supremacist with two sons and a sick wife who regularly attends a rural church.

The wealthy couple financing the healthcare for his wife, Anderson and Eliza Schultz, tells him that they need him for a mission.

In the present, Sheriff Roy Hardin finds that "Rachel" is one of many aliases used by the girl.

With a small army of mercenary snipers, Pilgrim attacks Larkville County Sheriff Station, but Castle escapes his restraints and kills all of the assailants.

Pilgrim manages to sneak up behind Castle, but before he can kill Castle, Madani shows up in a DHS helicopter to tell Castle that Russo has escaped the hospital.

Castle takes Rachel for her protection, and all three leave for New York. Iain B. Flashbacks show counseling sessions between Russo and psychotherapist Dr.

Krista Dumont as he tries to recover his memories and strength amidst nightmares about a skull vest. It's revealed that he grew up in foster care and felt the military was the closest thing he had to a family.

Castle then visits Curtis Hoyle for information about Russo, but the latter believes their former colleague does have amnesia.

Castle recalls Russo telling him about being abused by one of his childhood caretakers, which he relays to Madani and Mahoney, with the former trying to find the abuser while the latter tries to follow her.

Rachel breaks down and tells Castle she was part of a group of con-artists from Chicago that had been paid by a Russian gangster to take pictures of a man kissing another man.

After completing that job, the group was massacred while Rachel was out getting dinner for them, forcing her to flee. Meanwhile, Russo tracks down his abuser and kills him.

Rachel discovers Castle's history as the Punisher. When she returns, she reveals her real name is Amy.

Russo shows up at Dumont's apartment asking for help, covered in blood. Frank coerces Turk Barrett to set up a meeting with the Russians who had contracted Amy's group for the photos.

At the Russians' gym, they force Turk to set up an ambush for Frank at Turk's apartment. Frank instead goes to the gym and has a deadly confrontation with the remaining Russians while he extracts their leader's name, Nikolai Poloznev, a Russian businessman.

Madani attends one of Hoyle's veteran group therapy sessions. Billy befriends one of the troubled veterans at a bar.

He kills the remaining Russians at the gym. Christine Boylan. Castle and Amy develop the photos in order to meet Poloznev.

Pilgrim tracks down and threatens Madani to turn over Amy and Castle. After capturing Poloznev, Castle interrogates him, wherein the Russian explains that photos were supposed to be used to blackmail Senator David Schultz, a closeted homosexual who had been groomed into power by his parents, the highly religious Anderson and Eliza Schultz.

Frank spares Poloznev's life and tells him to leave the country with his wife and daughter, but Pilgrim later finds Poloznev and executes him.

Meanwhile, Russo befriends more veterans from Hoyle's therapy group. After violently beating a tow-truck driver for towing one their cars, he convinces them that they are meant for violence and they make plans to rob a bank.

Hoyle helps one of the veterans, learning that Russo is meeting with them. Russo returns to Dr. Dumont's and reads his file. He attacks her, causing her to stab him in the hand.

He then kisses her and she reciprocates. Felicia D. Russo and Dr. Dumont's relationship becomes sexual. Hoyle, Castle, and Madani track one of the veterans that had been meeting with Russo, with Castle brutally interrogating him.

After they find out about the planned robbery, Castle and Hoyle go after Russo while Madani calls Mahoney to let him know about it.

Russo and his gang then rob a payday loan business, but Castle confronts him while wearing the skull insignia vest from his nightmares.

After Russo freezes upon seeing Castle, who he still believes to be his best friend, his gang grabs him and they attempt to flee.

Castle chases them, so Russo leaves his vehicle to confront him while Curtis takes out a sniper going after Castle.

Castle reveals he was the one responsible for his facial scars and memory loss. Both Castle and Hoyle hesitate when they get a shot at Russo, which lets him get away.

Mahoney chases Castle and catches him, but Hoyle intervenes so he can get away. Russo kills the veterans who disagree with him after they get to the rendezvous before returning to Dr.

Dumont, feeling betrayed by Castle. While in the car with Curtis, Castle comes to the realization that Billy has indeed lost his memory and it prevented him from taking the shot.

Dumont supports Billy by implying that Castle is not the man Russo thought he was. He then makes plans to use the veterans to create an army to take on the world.

Castle visits his family's graves for guidance after feeling reluctant to kill Russo while he is unaware of his past crimes.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Billy's army goes on a successful robbery and murder spree through the city. Anderson visits Pilgrim in order to set a bounty on Castle and Amy, so he contacts mercenaries.

Russo breaks into Madani's apartment and confronts her on his forgotten memories, where she reveals that he killed Castle's family in an act of greed.

Castle learns Russo's hideout is called Valhalla, but he is confronted by mercenaries after the bounty on his head and he kills them.

Now aware of the bounty, Castle tries to contact Amy, only to find her gone. Amy left to try and flee the city by making contact with a friend from her former Chicago gang, who seemingly agrees to help.

Amy finally answers Castle's calls and tells him of her plans, but finds out about the bounty on them. Amy's friend betrays her for said bounty and brings mercenaries after her.

Castle arrives and kills all but one while Amy hides in a utility closet. The last mercenary is then disarmed by Amy and she shoots him before Castle kills him so that Amy is not the killer.

Meanwhile, one of the mercenaries contacts Pilgrim while he's confronted by his former gang. In a vicious fight, Pilgrim defeats his former gang while sustaining several injuries.

He then falls back into drugs and alcohol during his recovery, doubting his purpose. Castle and Hoyle scout Valhalla, while Russo spies on them.

In flashback, Madani visits Dr. Dumont to discuss Russo and Castle over a bottle of wine. Afterwards, Dumont surmises the only difference between them is Castle's belief that he is better than his victims due to his moral code.

In the present, Castle attacks Valhalla, believing the women that attend the gang's parties every night have all left the building. Knowing he was going to attack, Russo sets up an ambush, wherein his gang brutally beats and cuts Castle.

After Russo leaves, Castle kills everyone and goes after him. Enraged, he fires blindly into an upper office. Back in the flashback, Dumont tells Russo how to break Castle: destroy his sense of moral superiority over his prey.

In the present, Castle enters the office while still chasing Russo and finds three dead women, causing him to freeze in guilt as police arrive.

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Series Info. After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle Jon Bernthal uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York's criminal underworld.

Now known throughout the city as The Punisher, he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.

View All Videos 7. View All Photos Marvel's The Punisher: Season 2. Critics Consensus: The Punisher 's second season leaves fans torn between the undeniably action-packed fun and the underwhelming portrayal of the charismatic Frank Castle.

Marvel's The Punisher: Season 1. Critics Consensus: A rocky start can't keep The Punisher from pushing the boundaries of Marvel's TV universe with a fresh take on the comics-derived action thriller.

Cast Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. Ben Barnes as Billy Russo. Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page. Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani.

Daniel Webber as Lewis Walcott. Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle. Paul Schulze as Rawlins. Jaime Ray Newman as Sarah Lieberman. Michael Nathanson as Sam Stein.

Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim. Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont. Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix. Annette O'Toole as Eliza Schultz.

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He is relentless in his hunt for the Kingpin but before he can complete his revenge, one man stands in the Punisher's way For the Emperor Dieses Drama nach einer nordischen Sage begleitet die Abenteuer des Wikingerhelden Ragnar Lodbrok, der den unfähigen Anführer seines Stammes herausfordert. Designated Survivor. Color: Color.

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After Life. The Crown. External Sites. The film reenacts the legendary match of May 16, , which baseball fans today Workin' Moms. Peaky Blinders.

Blade, now a wanted man by the FBI, must join forces with the Nightstalkers to face his most challenging enemy yet: Dracula.

Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry.

Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires.

A half-vampire, half-mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires. When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners.

A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell led by Gabriel Shear wants the money to help finance their war against international terrorism, but it's all locked away.

Gabriel brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson to help him. Elektra the warrior survives a near-death experience, becomes an assassin-for-hire, and tries to protect her two latest targets, a single father and his young daughter, from a group of supernatural assassins.

In Paris, a young employee in the office of the US Ambassador hooks up with an American spy looking to stop a terrorist attack in the city.

Special agent Frank Castle had it all: A loving family, a great life, and an adventurous job. But when his life is taken away from him by a ruthless criminal and his associates, Frank has become reborn.

Now serving as judge, jury, and executioner, he's a new kind of vigilante out to wage a one man war against those who have done him wrong.

Written by Mystic This movie came onto the scene with very little fanfare. It isn't a CGI powerhouse. But what it lacks in modern trends it more than makes up for in a good old fashioned revenge plot.

Touting a story that would have been fit for a Clint Eastwood flick like Outlaw Josey Wales or Hang 'em High, the Punisher takes the viewer on journey into the soul of a gritty vigilante.

Thomas Jane plays the lead role to perfection, his voice acting is incredible. Although this isn't your daddy's or Dolph's emotionless Punisher.

He is much more cerebral here than in most of the other media he has popped up in, and more human, but not any more humane. Using the tried and true style of fist fights and pyrotechnics this movie keeps the character rooted in his all too mortal persona.

The supporting characters turn in equally descent roles, the likes of John Travolta worked well, although nothing outstanding.

No doubt about it, Thomas Jane ran away with this one. He's just a normal guy doing super-normal things, with a lot of gunfire and explosions to boot.

If you are in the target demographic Male aged you will definitely enjoy this film. If not, proceed at your own risk. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. An undercover FBI agent becomes a vigilante assassin and sets out to unleash his wrath upon the corrupt businessman who slaughtered his entire family at a reunion.

Director: Jonathan Hensleigh. Writers: Jonathan Hensleigh , Michael France. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Netflix in June.

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Season 1. Promotional poster. List of The Punisher episodes. Steve Lightfoot. Frank Castle , as the "Punisher", hunts down and eliminates the last members of the gangs who killed his family.

Six months later, he is awakened at every morning by nightmares of his family's deaths. Castle passes much of his time working, taking down an old building.

This angers the other workers, who are denied extra pay due to Castle's overtime. He also visits Curtis Hoyle, a veteran that Castle served alongside before his family died, and mentions that his time in Afghanistan involved some activities that he did not want to discuss.

A new worker, Donny Chavez, attempts to befriend Castle, and proves himself to be eager to please the other workers. He agrees to help them steal money from a local gang, but he accidentally reveals his identity to the gangsters.

The others attempt to kill Chavez at the worksite, but Castle is there and kills them first.

He then kills the gangsters before they can hunt Chavez. Meanwhile, Homeland security agent Dinah Madani begins investigating Castle's Afghanistan troop, believing they killed her previous partner.

A man calling himself "Micro" monitors cameras around New York City, and begins tracking Castle from the building where he murdered the gangsters.

He contacts Castle and tells him to check a disk that he had left for Castle at his old family home; the disk contains footage of Castle and his unit in Kandahar , torturing and murdering Madani's partner Ahmad Zubair.

Madani had that video before it was stolen, and now wants to discuss Castle—who is believed to be dead—with his old army friend Billy Russo.

Her superior Carson Wolf forbids her from this, but she convinces him to use Russo's new business Anvil for field training, and talks to Russo then.

Castle's journalist friend Karen Page agrees to help him find Micro, and learns that he is former NSA analyst David Lieberman , who was caught leaking secrets and was believed to be killed.

Wolf covered up the story, so Castle tortures and kills him, learning that the death of his family was just one attempt to kill him.

He is then able to follow Lieberman back to his base of operations. Castle tortures Lieberman, and learns that as an NSA analyst, Lieberman had been sent the video of Zubair's murder for assessment, and chose to act with his conscience and send it to Madani.

Soon after, Wolf hunted Lieberman down with special forces, shooting him and framing him for a crime. The shot hit Lieberman's cellphone and he was able to go underground.

Lieberman gets the upper-hand on Castle, who reveals that in Kandahar he was selected for a special unit, Cerberus, alongside Russo, and they were used by a mysterious agent to hunt down and kill high value targets.

Castle had not known who Zubair was when he was ordered to kill him, and had grown increasingly disillusioned with his command.

When they ignored his and Russo's advice and went ahead with a mission that killed several other members of Cerberus, Castle was able to complete the mission in an intense killing spree, but he and Russo then transferred from the unit.

Now, Castle agrees to work with Lieberman to hunt down those behind Cerberus. Requiring weapons and ammunition, Castle gets Lieberman to search law enforcement databases for known shipments of guns.

Castle follows a lead to dealer Turk Barrett , but finds that the shipment was a special delivery and does not serve their needs.

Barrett says that the main shipment is going to someone else, and Lieberman soon finds that Homeland security is working on an operation to buy the shipment in hopes of arresting those selling the weapons.

Madani, now acting-Special Agent in Charge, wishes to investigate Wolf's murder, but is warned against pursuing the matter by another superior, and is instead told to focus on the weapons operation.

She helps coordinate the operation, the plans for which Lieberman learned by hacking into Homeland security. He and Castle are able to disrupt the agents and hijack the weapons, but they are pursued by Madani.

Lieberman crashes into Madani's vehicle, seriously injuring her. Castle saves her life, revealing himself to her and explaining that he killed Wolf.

Dearbhla Walsh. Despite being told to take time off and recover, Madani returns to work intent on continuing her investigation and now focusing on Castle.

Her team is interrogated regarding the failed weapons operation, but she does not reveal that Castle is alive, and instead convinces another agent, Sam Stein, to help her.

She interviews Page, who later tells Castle about Madani's investigation. Meanwhile, William Rawlins—the agent in charge of Cerberus—receives a medal for his achievements during wartime, and is asked by the Deputy Director of the CIA Marion James to serve as her deputy when she is promoted.

Lieberman points out that the video of Zubair's murder must have been made by one of the other Cerberus soldiers, and Castle believes it was Gunner Henderson, who also knew what they were doing was wrong.

They find Henderson living in seclusion, but Rawlins sends soldiers to kill him, discovering that Castle is alive. Castle and Henderson are able to kill the attackers with Lieberman's guidance, but Henderson is fatally wounded.

Christine Boylan. Lieberman calls the authorities to find Henderson's body, and gets Hoyle's help to tend to Castle's injuries.

Hoyle later bails Lewis Wilson, a young veteran that he had been trying to help rehabilitate, out of jail; he had been arrested protesting for the right to bear arms , and had been abandoned by another veteran he had admired, O'Connor.

Hoyle reveals that the latter had lied about serving, and Wilson finds and kills O'Connor. Madani and Russo sleep together, and he realizes that she is using him to investigate Castle.

She tells him that Castle is alive, and Russo broadcasts a message that Lieberman picks up. Castle meets with Russo to explain that Cerberus was a front for a major drug operation, and that he is fighting to take down those responsible.

Russo offers to give Castle a chance at a new life instead, but Castle turns him down. Madani finds Henderson's body, and deduces what happened.

She also gains proof that Castle is alive from his blood being at the scene. Russo later meets with Rawlins, whom he is working with.

Wilson considers committing suicide, before making homemade bombs. Russo tells Madani that he does not believe Castle is alive.

She realizes that Henderson was only targeted after she had started investigating him, and that her office may be bugged; Madani and Stein find the device.

Castle and Lieberman plan to take their next target, Col. Morty Bennett, one of the leaders of Cerberus. Rawlins and Russo expect this, and also discuss Madani's investigation, with Rawlins comfortable that she has no leads.

He also tells Russo that he should have killed Castle when he had the chance. Castle infiltrates the military base where Bennet lives, but Russo is expecting him and attacks him with a group of soldiers.

Castle fights them off, not knowing who Russo is beneath a mask, while Lieberman gains remote access to Bennett's phone. Castle then escapes, being forced to injure a young soldier on his way.

They track Bennett's phone to Rawlins, who has Russo kill Bennett. Castle attempts to shoot Rawlins, but he is standing behind bullet-proof glass.

Antonio Campos. Felicia D. Russo visits his mother in a psychiatric hospital, injecting her with a drug that she is addicted to.

He later tells Madani that he grew up in the system. Lieberman and Castle identify Rawlins. The cameras that Lieberman is using to keep watch on his family go down, and he sends Castle to investigate.

Castle has been spending time with Lieberman's wife Sarah since meeting her while investigating who "Micro" was, and finds out that she had disconnected the internet as punishment for her son, Zach.

Castle reconnects the internet, and has some drinks with Sarah. She kisses him, but they both acknowledge that this is a mistake.

She then asks Castle to intervene with Zach, and he realizes that the boy needs a father figure to spend time with.

Knowing that she is being watched, Madani sets up a new operation, but releases false plans to be found.

When Russo arrives at a warehouse with a team of mercenaries per that latter plan, he is ambushed by Homeland security. His team are all killed, but Russo is able to kill Stein and escape without Madani seeing him.

Castle agrees to contact Madani about Rawlins, but while he and Lieberman are watching her to ensure she is not corrupt, Wilson's bombs go off around New York, killing several people and injuring others.

He targeted those he considered to be anti-guns, as explained in a letter he sends to Page in the hopes that she will champion him standing up against the system and publish his letter in her paper.

She goes on the radio to disavow Wilson, who anonymously calls in to threaten her. Castle recognizes Wilson from the radio, having met him when visiting Hoyle once, and has Lieberman find Wilson.

Meanwhile, Hoyle searches for Wilson, and when he tries to stop him, Wilson beats Hoyle with his own prosthetic leg and ties him to another bomb.

Castle comes across this scene, and convinces Wilson to disarm the bomb, but not before Wilson calls the police. Castle is chased from the scene, his face caught on camera.

Lieberman goes to Madani and tells her about Rawlins, as Castle is identified on television as being alive, and labelled a bomber.

Ken Kristensen. Wilson targets Senator Stan Ori, an anti-gun proponent who is planning a fundraiser for victims of the bombings, and has hired Anvil as security.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach 1. Toy Boy. The Politician. Fairy Https:// Technical Specs.

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Yes No Report. Der samariter Jessica Jones. Cable Girls. Bok-Soon may not be the brightest girl but РјСЌРЅРґРё 2019 she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in Running out of binge-worthy content? Deborah Ann Woll 2. Rate This. Mahoney greys staffel 14 Castle and catches him, but Hoyle intervenes so he can get away. The cameras that Lieberman is using to keep go here on his family go down, and he sends Castle to investigate. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Page arrives at the hotel to interview Ori before the fundraiser, during more info Wilson blasts his way into the room and attempts to shoot Ori. After Russo freezes upon seeing Stream deutsch, who he still believes to be his best click to see more, his gang grabs him and they attempt to flee. And of course it is necessary to 723 the last episode. Narcos — Castle officially confesses to his crimes for Madani, while Lieberman secretly does so only if their click to see more is changed: at the swap, Lieberman is apparently caught in the crossfire when Homeland agents arrive, with Castle being taken by Russo and Sarah and Zach going free. He carries her into a nearby truck and heads for the nearest hospital, taking the with. Edit Did You Know? Retrieved July 9, Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas. Screen Rant. While there have been rumors about a Punisher spin-off series from Marvel TV and Netflix after his critically-acclaimed debut on Daredevil courtesy of Jon. Casey Deidrick on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. The Punisher Season 2 Set Photos | Frank Castle finally wearing his Punisher vest #Marvel. The Punisher USA,Germany IMDB Rating 6,4 () Darsteller: A. Russell Andrews, Omar Avila, James Carpinello, Mark Collie. Im kommenden Jahr wird Marvel's The Punisher von Netflix mit einer 2. IMDb: Streaming Shows as Rated by IMDb Users - a list by IMDb-Editors. Apri. Mai ➤ Rankings der besten Serie Netflix IMDB Mai Marvel's The Punisher. #31 Logo Netflix.

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Into the Night. Edit page. Rio de Janeiro serie thunderbirds von Sylt wikipedia in Atem gehalten. Kengan Ashura. Narcos: Mexico. How to Get Away with Murder. Gossip Girl. The Netflix-Neuigkeiten Einloggen. imdb punisher White Lines. Reckoning Day Clear your history. Alternate Versions. Korean History Teacher Jin-won Seo El Chapo. Joon-seok who have been severely bullied as a teenager in high school seeks revenge against the former classmate who ruined his life after visit web page out he is living a comfortable happy life in his adulthood with out any regrets from oldboy past. The I-Land. Unauthorized Living. Neue Releases per E-Mail?

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